Saturday, November 26, 2011


sometimes u need to think of yourself... who cares about what peoples talks bout u.. u are who u are.. let them talks what they want.. as long as u happy then keep going... no one can stop what u want to do.. be a leader in Ur life and not a slave dude,,,.. since Ur a leader make Ur own soldier.. bring them to Ur battlefield... make a strategy.. lead Ur soldier.. u can win if u think so.. but,, watch out Ur soldier.. without them u are not too strong.. its true u can win by yourself.. but, it easy when u have a soldier... two is better than one rights..?? what i want to say is... Ur life Ur rules... if there is someone want to break Ur rule.. kick their ass.. who the hell they think they are... in Ur life they have to follow Ur rule... if they don't... forget them.. keep smile n smile....


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