Sunday, January 29, 2012


gives you hell ~ By All Americans Rejects

yeah.. i want to gives u hell.. damnn... i really2 fuckin hate on u... why??? cause u make my life sucks dude.. why in this world i have to deal with u??? i don't know why?? seriously.. i just can't find answer why u treat me bad... is it i'm doing something wrong to u??? i steal something from u??? or i hurt u??? but.. i don't think so.. i treat u better as i can... but what i get from u... huh!!!! when i see u i just want to punch u... and my leg want to kick ur ass... but i know.. doing something like that not going to solve this... now... just do what u want.. i will let it as long as i can face it.. but, when i lost my patience don't blame me... cause u are the one who make me do it... dude... .. i don't do anything not because i'm afraid of u but i don't want make things getting worse... don't test me.. cause u don't know what i can do when i lost my temper... SHAME ON U!!!!!!!!!!
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