Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I need my strength now. Yeah, I need them. I need my mom, I need my father, I need my aunt, I need my friend and I need my family now. Seriously, everything here is just not right. I need them to talk to and I need their arms and their shoulders to put my head on. It’s true I have friends here but I just want them. Yeah, I’m happy outside but inside of me am lonely. I don’t know why? And I can’t say it in a word. I just need a few hours to meet all of them. I wish I were there with them now. Laughing and hang out. I miss all the moment. The way they treat me, how they make me happy. And for sure is, they know how to comfort me when I’m down. I’m not saying my friends here are not good enough but for moment like this I need someone that knows me well. I can smile when I’m here with my friends, going to class like usually, laughing; hang out, watching movie and so on. But, when I’m laying my body, all the people I need just come out from my head. Well, I guess I miss them too much. When am with them, everything is fine. All the things are just like what I want. Huh. I need my family. I want to be with them. I want to laugh and share the day happily. I need my friends there. I want to hang out until the morning. Even only in a small village but it’s enough for us to spend our time together. I don’t need a bowling, movie, or something like that when I’m with them. We just need a place to sit together and that’s enough to make our day pass awesome. I don’t need internet with them. And I don’t need a fake smile when I’m not happy with them. But here, when I’m down I need to pretend everything is okay. But the truth is NOT. It’s not means I’m being hypocrites here, but I just can’t share it yet. When with them, I can be like what I use to be. But here, I just can’t. OH GOD, I wish I can throw all this feelings far away. I have a test to do and my final exam is coming soon. I NEED MY STRENGHT.


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